© 2018 by Alexa Spaddy

Alexa Spaddy is a multifaceted creative expressionist. Born and raised in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, her artistic roots stem back to the very core of her existence. Her visuals strive to cultivate feelings of empowerment and inner harmony as she fearlessly travels through the many avenues art has to offer.


Alexa works in a multiplicity of mediums including paint, graphic design, drawing and paper making to name a few. Since 2015, she has been 1 of the 15 selected artists for Alex Grey & Allyson Grey's Visionary Painting Intensive Masterclass as well as exhibited works in collaborative art shows in New York & Chicago. She was a featured Tribe 13 Live Painter at Luna Light Music and Arts Festival in 2016 and has live painted at CoSM Events.

Alexa has a bachelor's degree in Printmaking & Business from Montclair State University. She currently resides in New York, working full time as Media Manager & Lead Graphic Designer for Alex Grey & Allyson Grey founders of CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. cosm.org.